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Postgraduate Studies

The South African College of Music offers training in a range of orchestral instruments, piano, voice, African music and jazz. The College boasts several string, wind, jazz and percussion ensembles as well as choirs, a symphony orchestra and Jazz Big Band. In addition the Opera School annually presents a season of opera performances. All students are required either to play in the orchestras or bands or sing in the choirs, at the discretion of the Director.

The wide range of programmes offered includes: ethnomusicology; performance studies in classical music and opera, African music and jazz; musicology (theory and history); music technology; and composition.

Postgraduate Degrees and Diplomas in Music:

Bachelor of Music (Honours) 
    in musicology
    in composition
    in performance

Postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance

Master of Music
    by dissertation
    by dissertation and performance
    by dissertation and composition
    by dissertation and course work
    by dissertation, course work and performance

Doctor of Philosophy in Music
1 year

2 years

2 years

3 years


Admission Requirements and further information can be found in the Faculty of Humanities Student Handbooks.