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Saturday Morning Music Programme

Mbira classMbira class

2.	Proudly presenting the guitarProudly presenting the guitar

Every Saturday morning about 50 children from Philippi and Gugulethu come to the South African College of Music to lean about and play music. In this way they can escape – at least for one morning in the week – the hardships of life in informal settlements, learn and play together in small groups, and come into contact with various types of musics. And the children not only learn about music: The programme also encourages life skills, like perseverance and reliability.

The music programme at the SACM is based on a three-way collaboration: friends and colleagues in Germany donate money to the Berliner Missionswerk, who handles the financial administration; staff at the Lutheran community centre iThemba Labantu in Philippi prepare a breakfast for the children from this community centre and those from Gugulethu; students and staff at the SACM teach in the programme.

The students in the programme benefit just as much as the children: Not only do they receive a small stipend, they also gain experience in teaching and insight into a world many of them know little about.

The Saturday morning starts with a session of dance and music involving everyone. Later smaller groups are formed exploring different instruments: currently various African instruments are taught as well as guitar and singing. The smaller groups then move from one teacher/instrument to the next, until they come together again for dance and music at the end of the morning.

As an added – and exciting – extra the children regularly attend and occasionally perform in (!) the concerts of the SACM at the Baxter concert hall.

Preparing lunch parcels at iThemba Labantu

Preparing lunch parcels at iThemba Labantu

The Saturday morning music programme at the SACM relies on the long-term support of donors to continue and to grow. With your support we can currently introduce about 50 children from Philippi and Gugulethu to music, sponsor three students and provide food and transport. All donations flow directly into the project; there are no administrative costs. Your regular donation of 10Euros per month will ensure the long-term sustainability of the programme.

Banking details:

Account holder: Berliner Missionswerk
Bank: Evangelische Bank
IBAN: DE86 5206 0410 0003 9000 88
Project Number: 6014 (please state on the eft)

The donation is tax deductible through the Berliner Missionswerk.

Everyone together at the morning class
Everyone together at the morning class
Singing classSinging class