Orientation and Registration (undergraduate)

25 Mar 2014 - 15:45

Orientation Week is mandatory for all students, since there are a few tests that must be taken before registration, and other information to be given about UCT libraries, etc.  This orientation will take place in two parts, both of which are mandatory.


Upper Campus orientation

You have two choices for this:
1) If you live in the Cape Town area, you can choose to do the early orientation which runs from Monday 27 January 2014 to Wednesday, 29 January 2014.  Be at Beattie LT at 9:00 a.m. on the first day, and you will receive all the rest of the information you need for the following 3 days.  (You will see sessions scheduled for Friday 30 January, but these are for non-music majors, so you do not need to go to them.)
2) If you will be living in res, you will do the second upper campus orientation session, which runs from Tuesday, 4 February 2014 to Thursday 6 February 2013.  Be at Jameson Hall at 9 a.m. on the first day, and you will receive all the rest of the information you need for the following 3 days.  (You will see sessions scheduled for Friday 7 February, but these are for non-music majors, so instead of doing these, come down to the College of Music to start the next step.)

SA College of Music Orientation

Everyone must do this section of the orientation, because there are some small tests that need to be done before registration, and you will also need to attend curriculum advice sessions.  This begins at 10:00 a.m. on Friday 7 February 2014.  Just come to the front foyer area of the SA College of Music, and your orientation assistants will guide you from there.

More auditions

There are two sets of auditions you need to know about before you come to orientation:  Secondary Piano auditions, and auditions for second instrument/vocal studies (allowed for Music Education degrees only).
Secondary Piano: Non-keyboard majors will take a Secondary Piano course, and since there are many students taking the course, we divide the students into classes of similar ability.  This means that most students will have to play for the piano faculty during Orientation Week for a placement.
If you have no experience with piano whatsoever, you will not have to audition, but will be put in a beginner class.
If you have some experience with piano, but are in between Grades 1-4 (e.g. Unisa, ABRSM, Trinity), you must play for the piano faculty.  Please prepare 2 pieces plus scales from whatever level you are at.
Exemption from Secondary Piano: You can get an exemption from this course if you play the piano at minimum Grade 5 level.  If you have taken a recent Unisa, ABRSM (Royal Schools), or Trinity Guildhall College piano exam, please bring your exam certificate with you to Orientation Week.  In addition, you must audition during Orientation Week.  Please prepare 2 pieces and scales.
If you are given an exemption, you might have to take another course to make up the credits, and you can discuss this with your advisor during Orientation Week.
Second instrument or voice lessons: Taking more than one practical lesson at SACM is only allowed in certain circumstances. To start with, you must be at Grade 5 level already in order to qualify. Auditions will be required during orientation; please prepare 2 pieces and Grade 5 scales. If you are a Music Education candidate, you may take your second instrument as the second teaching subject if you pass the audition.  If you do not have a second instrument at Grade 5 level, you must take a campus subject as your second teaching subject, and you must start that subject in the first year.  Non-Music Education candidates who meet the Grade 5 requirement are subject to budget and teacher availability constraints, and if allowed to take lessons, will be required to participate in ensembles if the Course Convenor deems it necessary.